Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Where is the Anti Air?

Where is our air support?

units of 1-3
xv88 bots have special rules: fire support, "very big" (i guess bulky- strange as jet pack units already is bulky) unless its very bulky..
can take ta lissera ritual for 1pt no idea what that is,
22pt base, shasvre 10pts(+1 attacK),
same with 3 support/wep systerms as b4, can also take drones.
so pretty similiar, from the old codex they are actue senses, deep strike and exactly the same stats for 3 pts less now

all battlesuits come standard with Multi-trackers and BSF built into there 22 point cost.

No Interceptor?

Sun shark bomber
160 pt. 3hp, 13-10-10, 3pa
drones with 2 2 3 4 1 4 1 7 4+
equipment: induction generator pump something
some sort of missile launcher
network markerlight it seems(that is heavy 4 markerlighjt shots)
2 seeker missiles

can take something for 5pts and all other vehicle upgrades
lots of special rules for interceptor drone

Sunshark fighter 
11-10-10 3hp 3pa
5pt extra for burst cannon(same with the bomber)
can take all upgrades
equipment: burst cannon and ionic quad turret

At least these look great.  They will be a must have to compete.

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