Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The best cracked earth/ dry mud bases

This is an amazing trick to make bases and it creates the best cracked earth bases I have ever seen.  You need epoxy putty, mold making putty and an egg.

First step is to hard boil the egg.  I boiled it for about 15 minutes.  After it is cooked you want to peel the shell off trying to keep it in one piece.   

Save the egg, you will be hungry later.

Flatten out some epoxy putty and push the shell into it, making sure it is sticking to the putty.  Let dry.
Once dry get your mold putty mix and push onto the shell.
Let this setup.
Once setup peel off and you have a perfect negative for you cracked earth bases.
I made a couple mold so i can make different bases.
Push epoxy on a base.
Push the base onto the mold and let dry.
Enjoy the egg.  I put salt on mine. 
Once dry, trim edges and look how awesome the effect is.
Based with white.
Just use your favorite washes and done



  1. Wow, that is completely awesome. Good job bud.

  2. Oh I see, that's great. You need to make more stuff.