Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Demons Warp and Skull Cannon

Demon Warp Table and the Skull Cannon

From Astropate

Warp Storm Table. Rolled each turn with 2D6:

2: all units take a d. instability test
3: one daemon char tests on Leadership with 3D6 and takes wounds like d.instability
4: all daemons -1 ward save
5: roll D6 for all enemies and nurgle units, on a 6 hit by a 5" template S4, AP5 barrage
6: roll d6 for all enemies and tzeentch units, on 6 D6 hits with S4 Ap3, poison, ignore cover
7: nothing
8: roll d6 for all enemies and khorne units, on 6 D6 hits with S6, Ap-, ignore cover, rending
9: roll d6 for all enemies and slaanesh units on 6 hit by a 3" template S8, ap3
10: +1 wardsave for daemons
11: one enemy psyker test on Leadership with 3D6, if failed he explodes and you get a new herald in his place (Perils of Warp, we are here!!!)
12: a new troop unit of your choice (bloodletter, plaguebearer, horror, daemonette) is summoned, 2D6+3 models

Skull Cannon of Khorne (Fantasy)
48'' range S10 d6 wounds flaming cannon with move and fire, T5 W4 and 3+/5++.
( I saw a S8 for 40K)

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