Thursday, February 28, 2013

Demons and Anti Air

Anti Air,  where is it?

I am suprised of the lack of anti air the demon codex is getting.  If GW wants to balance the game, as they are trying to get away from the GT mentality, then were are the solid flier units in this new codex?  Yes there are flying monsters in the book but really, all you have to do is pop them with a las gun and they drop like a rock.  Plague drones could have been the answer to this as good as they look they still are not enough to get the best of cron air. 

I think your best option is going to be allies again.  Using the whores of 40k, necrons and guard, to supplement the army.  I love allies however I do feel they should be able to hold there own.  Guard is probably the best option here,  using vendettas and sabre turrets,  to help out the flying monsters which you will have to take.  I saw this idea on another blog,

Soul Grinders - Raziel confirms that marks do the same thing as for every other Daemon. Enjoy your 2+ cover saves behind that aegis. Glad I have three. Add a Tzeentch herald with Prescience on a quad gun and you're all set.

Nurgle Heralds - Take two, give each aetherblades (the AP2 weapon). One gets Fecundity (FNP) one gets Virulence (2+ poison). Run with max Plaguebearers and hug cover. Never die.

This will probably be the must take for my army.  We will see.  I am still ready for this codex and will continue to discuss it.


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  1. Again, another opportunity for GW to balance things in 40k. I guess they have not sold enough flyers yet to consider balancing the game yet. They had a great opportunity to do that with the Death from the Sky's book, but we all know how that turned out.