Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Daemons or Demons

Here is the latest rumors on Daemons:

From  Faeit 212

Daemonic: Instability

If you lose 25% of your unit at the end of your close combat phase then you must take a leadership test on 2d6. You subtract the amount of models lost to the overall leadership total. If you pass then nothing happens otherwise you lose wounds equal to the amount you failed the combat by.

For the case of shooting then the daemons count as being fearless.

If a herald joins a unit then the unit is not effected by daemonic Instability

Heralds: have +1 to weapon skill, wounds, initiative, attack and have LD 9-10

Soul grinder has sky fire in profile (220pts base)
(This is good)

All daemon units have a 5+ invulnerable save as standard.

There is upgrades to give heralds 3+ and even 2+ save (although it is very expensive)

Greater daemons are tough – the keeper of secrets have 6 base attacks and gains more attacks for every kill. She also has rending.

Blood thirster- has amazing stat line:


10 5 8 7 5 5 5 10 4+

(I can not wait for these flying monsters on the table)

Re- rolls all failed to hit and to wound.

All greater daemons have the option for 2+ save – although it is on the 65pts+ mark

Fate weaver can make a enemy hero turn into a spawn if they fail an invulnerble save.

Still re-rolls saves (but only invulnerable – no longer armour)

Blood crushers are now monstrous beasts and have rage. (They are really expensive)

Beast of nurgle are vastly improved – and have gone up in cost by 30+ points

(It still comes down to what fliers are available to an army,  I hope that they have something to compete.)


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