Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weekend Gaming

Chaos against Templars

What a pair
Templar speeders screaming to be painted
My stormraven conversion WIP

This weekend I played Dawnofthedead who played chaos marines.  I chose to go black templar.  It was 2000 points and we chose to just play standard deployment and kill points.  We got to play at White Lavas house who has some of the best terrain ever. 

Black templar
Marshall ss th adamantium mantle

5 Terminators th ss  with drop pod

4 initiate squads
    2 ten man with mm plasma drop pod
    2 ten man with Las plasma drop pod

2 5 man squads with Las plas

3 typhoon speeders

Storm raven ( for fun)

Demon prince

4 ten man squads with meltas

2 dreads with Las


2 devastator squads with 2 Las 2 ml

This game was a even match.  Both armies were balanced.  My friend and I are firm believers that 40k is not balanced.  So to add some balance we usually limit the fliers, so 1 for 1 in this case. 

'Turn 1
I lost first turn and the vindicator earned his points and got my opponent first blood.  And he advanced the rest of his army

drop pods came in and did nothing but set up for turn three.  I flanked with the speeders and blew up one dread.

Turn 2
the chaos shot and took out my speeders.  Then he assaulted my termis is with dreads and chaos Marines went after the drop squads remaining along with his demon prince. They took out a squad and locked down everyone else.  Termis destroyed the dreads.

Black templar struck back.  The storm raven came in.  The rest of the army went after it.  The termis assaulted the devastators and removed them.

Turn 3
Chaos decided they were tired and the dice were not with them.  The devastators shot at the raven scoring 2 six's with both Las cannons, and I roll my jink save rolled 2 fives, awesome sauce for the templars.

The th ss squad went to work on the other devastators and destroyed them.  Everyone else kept assaulting,  did a few wound but nothing great.

At this point we were done it was clear that we both had good armies and it was a dice game.  We did not count points and just called it a tie. 

It was a great game with a great guy.

Cheers Victory

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  1. DUDE the stormraven rocks. It will be sooo copiedd!!:)
    (about time you finished it)