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Demons Daemons Review

Demon for better or worse
From Astropate  (translated)

First of all, I think this code is not the result of a mammoth relieved as had happened during the era GK. Many things have changed, some for the worse and others better. rends The Anime with anti-aircraft was needed. First thing because now in a Codex should be at least one unit or steering wheel that has the anti-aircraft, then gradually come the new Codex that this thing will be introduced in all. The wrenching Anime is very high then as an individual, so it is normal that can provide anti-aircraft, in fact, he and a steering wheel are practically the same height. Some complain that the Codex works very random for shooting at random Doni (also though I think many will use Eternal Blade, especially users of the Great Unclean) and Table Warp Storm. In my opinion, it is not only normal, but it is absolutely right. We are talking of Chaos, a concept that in itself means linguistically disorder, so it is absolutely right that this factor is reflected in the game. After all, the order is reflected in the very Codex: Space Marines, I do not see why it should not be the same here. Loci I and their behavior with the Heralds Despite the random generation of Doni, I think many will focus on Loci, the which give very interesting bonus. Loci of Nurgle The best are the Lesser and the Greater. Have Poisoned 2 + or Feel No Pain is a good thing, and I think that gives Feel No Pain will love the nostalgia of the previous Plaguebearers Codex. Loci of Khorne The most interesting however are the Greater and the Exalted, which give respectively Anger and Hate. Anger I like, even if they are not currently Blood all this great power in the field. The The Loci of Tzeentch, however, I need to choose the units that have a very specific task from the beginning of the game. The Minor is made ​​per unit of Pink Horrors Psychic Powers that tend to use short-range, in fact, in the case were attacked and killed, they could still do some 'saturation in melee due to the fact that if we consider an 10 models, you can do 10 to 30 rounds. Are strokes at FO2-VP, but may still be up to 30 shots. In a nutshell that is the same thing goes for Rifles Laser Guards. Then it is also necessary to mention that I can put up to 20 patterns, then the maximum yield attainable is well 60 strokes with a minimum of 20. What more I consider it useless, so the only unit that is very much close to the enemy voluntarily is that of Flamers, but they have already S4, then you could only get them to force minor. In the Pink Horrors is completely useless, since this unit does not assalter√† never voluntarily and if you close the door it is better to have many attacks from Blue Horrors that risk into situations of FO1 or 2 and have nothing with which to fix it.Exalted that can be useful, but for me it is not worth all those 30 pts In the Loci of Slaanesh, what Minor is very useful if used by a Herald on Steed aggregate to a unit of Slayers. This is because thanks to it the Herald and the unit cover and get moving in with what we get with a unit of Slayers Herald that the same rules of the Beasts, but in addition also has the Hammer of Wrath. if then combined with all the banners and Fiends of Slaanesh, you've got an army ... beastly. now well known that as I write I can think of combos possible with this Codex. Major is magnificent, 20 Pts for give a -5 Initiative enemy is beautiful. 's Exalted see it very well again in a Herald on Steed, but this time not only aggregate with the Slayers, but also with the Devils, allowing them to unleash an immense amount of attacks, even more effective since they are Rending.Daemonic Gifts and their uses best These do not analyze them in detail.Now the gifts are generated at random and in my opinion will not be widely used, except for the ability to take magic weapons. For 10 Pts have a weapon in VP2 without also having bulky. For 20 Pts have a weapon to VP2 without bulky, but you also +1 Strength, so it's the perfect version of Axe Charged. For 30 Pts can have Eternal Blade, which enhances greatly the owner, increasing its values ​​of AC, I A and D3 points. If we take a Greater Daemon, you have 50 Pts available for Daemonic Gifts, so why not spend it in an Eternal Blade and one of the more specific magic weapons for the gods. For example, I like that of Chaos, as well as Malal, I love Nurgle, I consider the Great Unclean One. If I use a Great Unclean equipped with Eternal Blade and Greater magic weapon of Nurgle (can not remember the Italian name), I have a monstrous creature with this profile : AB3 Fo6 AC7 R7 Fe6 I5 A6 D9 TS- and this is only if you get one pulling the D3, otherwise I may as well get these two profiles: AC8 AB3 Fo6 R7 Fe6 I6 A7 D9 TS- AC9 AB3 Fo6 R7 I7 Fe6 A8 D9 TS- Attacks can also get a 10, in fact, not to mention even the powers of Biomanzia, with the bonus of double melee weapon, obtained because both weapons are Weapons Specialist, 9 Attacks and if I load arrival to 10. With the initiative, I have always considered a unit of Nurgle faster than the average of the game. then all attacks which makes this being putrid are VP2, hurt easily with Fo6 and Poisoned 4 +, but also inflict Instant Death, and the Great Unclean One becomes a real killer of all. Even against vehicles is no joke, because thanks again to the weapons with which the crew, from 6 to 10 attacks monstrous creature, whose 6 automatically inflict a Surface Strike (unless it is already a Piercing) ... well, I'm scary. We're not done, now we come to Biomanzia. As you can see it is not essential, it is already a killer without also with mastery one can not hope to get more power you want, but if you have points to spend you can do to promote it in 2 or even 3 Mastery, allowing them to pull on and Biomanzia Get the biggest fat pustular ever seen with powers like Popeye, Resistance, Drain Life or Warp Speed. With any of these four powers, you get a great result on this unit. enough, now I have finished break your balls with the nauseating obese (how many names I am giving?). I think you understand that putting there and thinking, you can get of QG, especially the Greater Daemons, the immense power and unstoppable. Psychic Powers But yes, let's face it ... do not hold back, take a Greater Daemon, promuovetelo to Mastery 3 and let cool because you have all the powers of your discipline except Primaris it sucks .... except Tzeentch, in that Discipline is the Firestorm that sucks, and the Primaris is good. analyze And now a little 'things that I found interesting.Epidemius Mica you expected that I choose as before a unit devoted to Nurgle? They are so predictable? However, Epidemius has been one of the greatest weakening of the entire Codex. First thing: the profile of Epidemius is exactly equal to a normal Herald of crowbar. Second thing: It has worked before the whole army, wherever it was on the field. Now only works within 6 ". Third thing: now the only models that increase the number of matters are those with the Nurgle Daemon rule, so the combo does not work anymore with Typhus and cultists committed suicide, or any other unit of Marines Chaos Mark of Nurgle.Fourth What: first stages of the counts were: 1-4: Nothing 5-9: Swords of Contagion hurt to 3 +. 10-14: all the Followers of Nurgle have Tocco Infected (wound to 2 +) 15-19: If a follower of Nurgle has Feel No Pain, now save to 3 +20 +: all the attacks of the followers of Nurgle ignore armor. Now, however, the number of killings has increased for the past effects and they are been weakened: 0-6: Nothing 7 +: +1 Strength (Plaguebearers come to the S4, before anyone ferivo to 3 +). 14 +: +1 Strength (first Plaguebearers had R5 as standard, should not acquire it.) 21 +: Poisoned 2 + (first with 21 killings had it all.) 28 +: 4 + Feel No Pain (first with far fewer killings I had it to 3 +) And finally, with this new count is missing the ability to ignore armor. now I think many will start using as a normal Epidemius Herald of crowbar. Pink Horrors A great psionic unit, no doubt about it. 11-15 With 2 points I Horrors Upload Warp, while it 16-20 Horrors I well 3, with the ability to have all the powers and scambiarne one with Primaris. The new rule of Horrors Blue, which, unlike the old Codex does not count at all, now in game count for something and can provide a minimum of support with attack some more, especially if improved thanks to Loci Children of Tzeentch. Icons and Instruments In my opinion, these two options are very useful. Instruments can alleviate the negative effects of the Table of the Warp Storm. reserves may also have come from another drives in addition to what is already entering, offering possibilities of combinations already pre-programmed and less scattering of units from the reserves between rounds. Icons continue to settle the situation during the Deep Strike, though now have restrictions for the gods. A nice thing is that it can work with any device that has the rule Demonico, then the units of the Chaos Marine with this rule, as Obliteratori or the Claws of the Warp, which are more suitable for this use.


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