Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rock mountain terrain

Rocky Mountain Joy

Here is how I make rock mountain terrain.  First you need cardboard and a base.  Cut and tear the cardboard into a mountain shape.  I step on the box and smash it to create the mountain.  Using hot glue I attach it to the base. 

 Then I use the plaster wrap.  You have to wet the wrap first, then drape it over the box.  Make sure to push in the the wrap into any small corners or steps.  I then and more plaster on top for more strength and texture.  Let it dry for 24 hrs.

When dry add paint in washes makes great rock formations.  Then I mix white glue and paint for any areas that need texture.  Paint the area and add texture, i used sand.  This is a great cheap way to make terrain for gaming.


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