Friday, March 8, 2013

More Necron Cheese

O My is that another flier.
So another flier, another chariot and more stabby metal.  Necrons are not in need of any additional support,  this will add to the already grand OP goodness that is the necron codex.  If that pylon is anything like the super heavy version then we have the new best anti air weapon.  The super heavy pylon was 3 strength D shot with AA( skyfire/ interceptor ).  So if this is a 40k stamped version of that, yes please, I will take 3.  Maybe strength 9 ap 2 heavy 2 skyfire/ interceptor.  The new flier will struggle to compete with the doomscythe but it looks cool.  The chariot in the back looks like it has a giant res orb in the hull.  Yeah 4+ we get back up and laugh at your shooting.  This all looks awesome and OP, I cant wait to get mine.


1 comment:

  1. This is absolutely awesome. I am very excited about this release. I'll bring the chips if FW brings the cheese.