Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tau and dedicated transports

The one thing that 40k needs is another army that has fliers as dedicated transports. 

 If GW wants to balance out the game, this would be the key.  The only reason necrons are OP is because of the scythe, not only is the scythe a heavy choice but it is also a transport.  This throws of the balance. An army that can have 9 fliers when all other armies can only have 3 or 6 is ridiculous.  I hope that tau will have more flier options for us.  Necrons, in any competitive game, are a must have as main army or ally.   I would like to see tau take this place and add more balance.  We all thought that flakk missiles would give balance,  epic fail.  The only hope now is to get more armies with more flier,  which means buying more models and GW make more money.  Any thoughts?

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