Sunday, March 17, 2013

Specific Tau Rumors

Here are some specific rumors from Astropates blog. This was in the comment box by anonymous. (translated)

 I'm glad someone's posted Those - I feel I can speak a little more freely now Looking at the double spread:

 - The flyer on the left is a gunship. The chin-mounted cannon burst you can see, but the main weapon is actually mounted on the underside of the tail, and is some sort of turreted ion array of weapons. My first thought is That This should make the flyer cutting easier to use, as you do not need to be pointing at the target. Also it has 2 pop-up seeker missiles. - The flyer on the right is the bomber. It does not actually carry any bombs, but instead has a generator for forming bombs out of plasma as they're needed. Also it has a detachable drone fighter in each wing for defense. - Below the bomber, You Should Be Able to make out a lot of white missile tips. These all belong to a Broadside model. The uppermost bundle of missiles is a shoulder-mounted pod, whilst a bit lower you can see 2 more bundles of missiles in arm mounted pods. Also, to the right of the shoulder pod you may be atto make out a missile seeker pointing straight up - this is the suit mounted seeker I mentioned. - To the right of the XV104 That you have Riptide. You should be atto make out some sort of an ion cannon on its right arm, and a shield on its left. 2nd Attachment: - Here we can see the box art for the XV104, this time armed with some sort of uber-burst cannon. On this shot you might be atto make out the twin support weapons mounted under the main gun. Also it comes with 2 shielded missile drones. - And another picture of the bomber. 3rd Attachment: - Pathfinders. You can not really make out the new experimental weapons I'm afraid, but you can certainly see That One of the drones is beefier than the rest. If I understand right, this drone can sit in place of the dome on the devilfish, and grant some sort of C3 bonuses. - Broadside suit. In this shot you can see it built with the twin heavy rail rifle (the rifle you can see is actually 2 heavy rail rifles side by side.) - Crisis team. It's just the current suits repacked into boxes of 3. Another tidbit not shown: - The XV8 is a varient Finecast commander's varient. It looks similar to the XV8 (maybe with longer limbs?), And may well have the same rules, but is posed with the hand Deployed units.

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